SwimCross® Exercise Systems
By Endless Pools®

SwimCross® Exercise Systems by Endless Pools®

Our X-series models give you and your family everything you need to stay active, have fun, and achieve your health goals. Featuring our optimal 4-jet swim (three airless top jets and one lower oblong “river” jet) resistance current, SwimCross Exercise Systems far exceeds what any other jetted “swim-spa” can achieve.

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Never compromise.

Exercise, play, and relax, all in the comfort of your backyard, with the SwimCross®Exercise Systems X2000. Swimming, water exercise, family time, and relaxation with hot water therapy are all possible with the right temperature at the right time.

The dual-temperature X2000 boasts the largest swim and exercise area of all Endless Pools® Fitness Systems with the added benefit of a separate spa area with seating for four and independent temperature controls. The airless swim jets provide excellent resistance for swimming and exercise, while the sculpted spa seating with hydromassage jets pamper tired muscles after your workout. With the X2000 the opportunities for wellness at home are limitless.

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Nothing is more refreshing or rejuvenating than a swim or an aquatic workout in the privacy and convenience of your own home.  Endless Pools®, the makers of SwimCross<sup>®</sup> Exercise Systems, introduces the X500. Not only visually stunning, the X500 was purposely designed for any level of user to attain a complete body workout.  With its generous swim and exercise area, along with easy entry and variable speed swim jet system, the X500 takes backyard fitness to a whole new level. It’s time to put wellness (and family time) into your daily routine.

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Imagine a day that begins with your wellness in mind.

A morning swim or rigorous aquatic workout clears your mind and leaves you with a sense that there are unlimited opportunities for the day ahead. This day is made possible by SwimCross<sup>®</sup> Exercise Systems, from the makers of Endless Pools®.

The X200 blends the functionality of swimming and exercising in the privacy of your home with a uniquely beautiful design that puts SwimCross Exercise Systems in a class of its own.

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