How Does the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill Work?

The Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill is unique – so HOW does it work?

One of the questions we get most often is about the hydraulically-powered underwater treadmill. It’s unique to Endless Pools and a great way to get in shape without putting heavy impact or pressure on muscles and joints. So, how does it work? Frank Firman, Product Manager here at Endless Pools is going to answer that question (video).

In water, you can get a great workout and burn calories, with water’s natural buoyancy making you up to 90 percent weightless. Running is typically considered a high-impact activity which impairs someone with joint or muscle issues. In an Endless Pools Fitness Systems you can enjoy a walk, jog, or sprint with all the gain, and less pain. Plus, with the current from the Endless Pools Swim Machine, you can increase resistance for a more challenging workout.

Did you know Endless Pools Fitness Systems is the only “Swim Spa” with a hydraulically-powered underwater treadmill?



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