The Endless Pools® Story

The Endless Pools Story

In 1988, Endless Pools founder James Murdock built his first swimming machine on the pool deck of Columbia University. He was inspired by his father’s recollections of swimming in irrigation canals while growing up in Arizona. That first Endless Pool was the result of their many years of discussion and planning to recreate his father’s swim-in-place experience in a compact, modular pool.

Nearly thirty years later, Endless Pools has installed more than 20,000 swimming machines to people from all walks of life, many with the same goal — to improve their health and stay active.

In 2015, Endless Pools joined forces with Watkins Wellness (makers of Hot Spring® and Caldera® spas). The partnership resulted in the creation of Endless Pools Fitness Systems.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems marries the best swim-in-place technology with the best in spa manufacturing to redefine the “swim spa.”

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