What is a Swim Spa?

What is a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are a great option for someone who wants a swimming pool, a spa and a home gym – all in one. Most swim spas include a jet or propulsion system that creates a continuous current. This makes it possible to swim in place. In addition to swimming, you can also use a swim spa for low-impact exercise and relaxation. In an Endless Pools® Fitness System with an optional underwater treadmill you can also run or walk without impact.

Swim Spa Features

Some of the stand-out features and benefits of a swim spa include:

  • Less space commitment: Swim spas are typically smaller than a normal pool, making them a great option for those with limited space.
  • Versatility: A swim spa can be used year-round, and offers the benefits of a hot tub, a swimming pool and a home gym – all in one! An Endless Pools Fitness System features a proprietary hydraulically-run swim machine that produces a laminar current ideal for swimmers of all skill levels. Combined with our optional underwater treadmill and anchors for resistance gear, a Fitness System’s versatility is unmatched.
  • Easier installation and maintenance: Swim spas are typically easier to install and require less maintenance than an in-ground swimming pool, making them easier to operate.
  • Additional features: Some swim spa models offer add-ons to enhance your workout, such as an underwater treadmill, pace displays, resistance gear and Fitness Apps.
  • Beautiful design: Some swim spas are designed to be the centerpiece of your backyard, with accent colors, LED illumination, and contemporary frames and panels.

Are Endless Pools Fitness Systems “Swim Spas”?

We may be in the swim spa industry but ultimately, we believe the term “swim spa” doesn’t even begin to describe the benefits and ingenuity of Endless Pools Fitness System models. Fitness Systems have so many more beneficial low-impact options!

It all begins with swimming against the signature Endless Pools smooth, laminar current. With ease, move from swimming to running, walking to resistance exercises, or relax in our sculpted spa seats. An aquatic fitness system has swim and low-impact exercise features designed to complement one another, so that your wellness goals are easily achievable. It’s also a hydrotherapy retreat to help rejuvenate the body after a workout.

It’s important to note that our aquatic fitness systems have different temperatures than a traditional “spa.” Whereas a spa temperature can be over 100 degrees, our aquatic fitness systems are best kept around 82-85 degrees for a comfortable workout temperature. The dual temperature E2000 is the ultimate model for fitness and relaxation – with separate swim and spa areas, it has total temperature control for maximum enjoyment!

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