How Does An Underwater Treadmill Work?

How Does An Underwater Treadmill Work?

Our underwater treadmill works by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) that pumps biodegradable vegetable oil to the treadmill’s underwater motor. This innovative design is energy efficient and eco-friendly while still providing maximum power.

The treadmill varies from a walking to running pace with a speed range of 0 to 5.5 MPH, so it can be easily adjusted for any workout level. Customers are typically drawn to the underwater treadmill because of the extra versatility and benefits it gives to their in-home Fitness System.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Exercise

The underwater treadmill gives you a full-body, low impact workout. You can also create a more challenging workout by turning on the swim current, which increases water resistance for an impactful core, leg, or upper body workout. The underwater treadmill can be used as alternative for people who find that running on land is hard on their joints. It also eliminates other environmental distractions, such as traffic, other pedestrians or runners, and pavement cracks.

With an underwater treadmill as part of an in-home fitness pool, you can benefit from all of the physical and mental benefits of exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard. Whether you depend on the underwater treadmill to be your full-time workout equipment or want to add it is an alternative to shake up your regular fitness routine, the benefits help motivate you to exercise more and have fun while doing it.

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