How Does a Swim Spa Compare to a Lap Pool? How Does it Compare to Swimming in Open Water?

Swim Spa vs. Lap Pool

Traditionally, distance swimming at home meant installing an expensive, in-ground lap pool — often requiring construction and landscaping costs, and a commitment to maintenance, including high-capacity pumps and filtration systems and the use of cleaning chemicals. Now, innovative technology allows you to swim “endlessly” with the help of propulsion swim machines and jets.

There’s no need to make a flip turn like you would in a lap pool, resulting in an efficient workout. Swim spas take up less space, cost less to operate, and allow you to truly customize your workout by varying the current speed.

Fitness enthusiasts will find additional benefits to exercising in a swim spa or Fitness System instead of a lap pool. Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, for example, come with the option of adding an underwater mirror for checking your form, adding a pace display to track your time, and even adding the wifi enabled Endless Pools [email protected]™ App, which allows you to program your workouts and manually control the swim machine and/or treadmill from a tablet or mobile device. For those who want to work on their form, an optional swim tether will help keep you stationary with every stroke.

Swim Spa vs. Swimming in the Ocean

Most users describe swimming in a swim spa as like swimming in the ocean, because you’re working against the current. Of course, with a swim spa, you have control over the speed of the current. Not only does the current control provide a more efficient and personalized workout, but there is no need to be concerned about your safety with natures added variables.

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