How Do the Swim Jets Produce a Water Current in a SwimCross® Exercise System?

How Do the Swim Jets Produce a Water Current in a SwimCross™ Exercise System?

Not all Jetted Swim Spas are created equal. Most jetted swim spas use high powered jets that are similar to spa jets. Those jets introduce air to produce force, which also tends to create heavy turbulence. The swim jets in SwimCross Exercise Systems are different. The five swim jets are configured so that the top three jets provide resistance while the bottom two jets provide lift. We don’t introduce air into our jets to produce force, therefore swimmers experience less turbulence than with the average jetted swim spa.

The SwimCross Exercise Systems Swim Jet Technology

Rather than delivering a strong force of water current, the SwimCross jetted technology works like a ceiling fan that moves more air with less force. Now, imagine that typical swim jets are similar to an oscillating fan. The force will throw papers all over a room. Which would you prefer to swim against? The SwimCross Exercise Systems swim jets capitalizes on what is referred to as the venturi effect, which draws in more water to multiply the volume but provides a steady stream rather than a turbulent push of current. The result is a swim-in-place experience that is easy for you to become acclimated to and enjoy.

The jetted SwimCross Exercise System works well for people who want to swim, row, or benefit from any type of resistance exercise. It also offers a pleasant way to unwind after a challenging workout due to its soothing hydrotherapy benefits delivered by 27 hydromassage jets. There are five swim jet levels that you can choose from depending on your fitness levels or workout goals. Customization is easy: simply toggle between two speeds of the three top jets and turn the two bottom jets on and off to find the combination that feels best!

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