What Kind of Backyard or Patio Setup Do I Need to Install a Swim Spa or Fitness System?

What Kind of Backyard or Patio Setup Do I Need to Install a Swim Spa or Fitness System?

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the space for a swim spa installation! The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, the SwimCross®  Exercise Systems, and the RecSport®  Recreation Systems come in several models and sizes, allowing you to find the right one for your needs.

The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems offers four models:

  • E2000: 20-feet x 89 inches
  • E700: 17-feet x 89 inches
  • E550: 15-feet x 94 inches
  • E500: 15-feet x 89 inches

The SwimCross® Exercise Systems offers three models:

  • X2000: 20-feet x 89 inches
  • X500: 15-feet x 89 inches
  • X200: 12-feet x 89 inches

The RecSport® Recreation Systems offers two models:

  • R500: 15-feet x 89 inches
  • R200:12-feet x 89 inches

Second, consider where you’ll be installing your system. For example:

  1. Will the system be on a surface that is structurally sound? A filled system can weigh a lot, so you’ll need a solid foundation to support it. If you’re installing on a deck, for example, you’ll need to know the deck’s maximum load capacity; consult a contractor or structural engineer before installing a system on an elevated deck.
  2. Is the surface also level and even? A level surface ensures that the system can operate properly and the internal plumbing can drain completely. If you’re installing the system outdoors, you’ll need a reinforced concrete pad that’s at least six inches thick, to allow for proper footing.
  3. Is there enough space around your Fitness System for steps or decking? These can be purchased separately to allow for easy access to your Fitness System.
  4. Is there proper drainage around your Fitness System? Whether you are installing your Fitness System above ground or partially recessed, you’ll want to ensure that there is proper drainage to protect your investment.
  5. Do you have 220v / 60 AMPS of power available? This is the minimum requirement for running a Fitness System and all of its components, so consult with a licensed electrician.

Additionally, in some cities and counties, permits are required to install electrical circuits and/or construction of exterior surfaces like decks and gazebos. There may also be requirements for fencing, self-closing gates and/or locking cover systems around the pool or spa. Your local dealer can help you determine which permits may be required, as well as zoning regulations and building codes.

If you’re placing your system indoors, ensure that flooring materials maintain a good grip when wet, since water may accumulate around the system. Proper floor drainage is also essential, along with plenty of ventilation in the area — you may want to install a dehumidifier or exhaust fan to reduce the chances of airborne moisture affecting exposed wood and other materials in the area.

These are just a few of the considerations for indoor and outdoor swim spa installation; your local dealer can provide expert guidance as you plan out and integrate your new Fitness System into your home or backyard. When properly installed, you’ll have a durable and hassle-free Fitness System that will last you for years to come!

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