What’s the Difference Between a Swim Spa, an Exercise Pool, and a Fitness System?

What’s the Difference Between a Swim Spa, an Exercise Pool, and a Fitness System?

Swim spa, exercise pool, Fitness System … you’ve likely heard all of these terms used, so what’s the difference?

The swim spa, exercise pool and Fitness System comparison can be tricky to understand especially when most of the time they are interchangeable, representing a hybrid of a spa and a pool. They each typically come with a jet or propulsion system designed for swimming against a current, a low-impact workout or both. Swim spas are smaller in size and often include massage jets for a relaxing experience. Sizing, features, and add-ons will vary by model.

A SWIM SPA focuses on swimming, with the added benefit of spa seating (usually). When shopping for a swim spa, its important to learn about the swim current system. A swim jet system that uses air to produce force will be far more turbulent than a swim jet system that uses a boost effect to draw in more water. Learn about why SwimCross™ Exercise Systems uses a boost effect to draw in more water for a low-turbulent jetted swim.

AN EXERCISE POOL provides an environment for aquatic exercise, but it’s typically smaller and not suitable for swimming. Exercise pools sometimes include spa seating, but not always. Learn why the SwimCross Exercise Systems X200 or X500 are great alternatives to a typical exercise pool.

A FITNESS SYSTEM provides the best environment for swimming, aquatic exercise and relaxation. With the leading Endless Pools Swim Machine, the only hydraulically-run underwater treadmill, built-in anchors for aquatic fitness equipment and comfortable hydromassage spa seating, Endless Pools Fitness Systems are the ideal mix of a swim spa and an exercise pool with a beautiful style that compliments any home.

Are Endless Pools Fitness Systems Swim Spas, Exercise Pools, or Fitness Systems?

In our world, we prefer the term “Fitness System” rather than exercise pool or swim spa. The preference ultimately lies in our commitment to your wellness; you wouldn’t swim in a hot tub, after all! With Endless Pools® Fitness Systems, you have a functional wellness system right at home. Whether you’re using it for a challenging workout, or for regular de-stressing and post-workout cool-downs, it’s truly a versatile system that everyone in your family can enjoy.

Our groundbreaking design makes our Fitness Systems more functional than any other “swim spa,” allowing for a workout that’s as challenging as you’d like to make it. The fitness-forward features to note include:

  • Endless Pools Swim Machine: Our proprietary swim machine uses a custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system that creates a laminar current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke. Multiple conditioning grills smooth and redirect the water, resulting in a swim current that is free of turbulence.
  • Underwater Treadmill: This optional feature is hydraulically powered and allows for varying speeds, so you can tackle a challenging run or a gentle walk — without the worry of injuries that land-based exercise comes with.
  • Swim Tether Set: All Endless Pools® Fitness Systems are equipped with an anchor for attaching a swim tether, an add-on accessory. A swim tether helps you remain stationary and improve your form as you swim against the current.
  • Pace Displays: The pace display add-on is a must for the competitive swimmer, allowing for easy reading of your current swimming pace and/or treadmill speed as you go.
  • Wifi Kit and Endless Pools [email protected]™ App: Allows you to control your Fitness System swim machine and/or underwater treadmill using any smart device. You may also create and save more advanced workouts with custom time and pace intervals.

With an Endless Pools® Fitness System or SwimCross Exercise System, you can bring your workout home and make reaching your fitness goals easier.

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