Why Buy a Swim Spa?

Why Buy a Swim Spa?

Swim spas are multipurpose, so whether you want to maintain an at-home exercise routine or simply have a place to play and relax, the investment is worth it! Do you swim regularly? Or just for enjoyment? Will aquatic exercise help you meet your health goals? Or is a place for family enjoyment and to unwind what you are looking for? Swim spas combine the joy of aquatic activity with at-home convenience, indoors and out.

Aquatic Exercise Benefits

Activities in the water, such as aerobics, help you work toward your fitness goals without the worry of increased pain or injuries. You can get great results with low impact on your muscles and joints, as water offers a natural resistance.

For those looking for the ultimate aquatic exercise, our Endless Pools® Fitness System features our iconic Endless Pools® Swim Machine, a custom-made, hydraulically powered propulsion system that creates a current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute, widely variable for swimmers of all skill levels.

With multiple conditioning grills to smooth out the current, you can swim without turbulence, mimicking the feeling of swimming in open water. If you’re looking for even more of a challenge, you have the option of customizing your Fitness System with features like our underwater treadmill, a row bar kit, an underwater mirror, and more. Fitness has never been this versatile!

SwimCross™ Exercise Systems by Endless Pools offers a superior jetted swim and exercise option.  Air isn’t introduced in the swim jets to produce force, for a less turbulent swim current than your average jetted swim spa. Similar to Endless Pools Fitness Systems, SwimCross offers a variety of exercise features including a row bar kit, an underwater mirror, and more.

Relaxation Benefits

For the ultimate rejuvenation, spa seating and hydromassage jets configured to target specific areas of your body are perfect for your post-workout cool-down — or anytime you want to relax.

Best of all, when you buy a swim spa, it is an investment that the whole family can enjoy! You can swim, run, exercise, and relax together all within the privacy of your home. No crowds, no traffic, and no wasted time.

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