Benefits of Ownership

Easy to own and operate, your Endless Pools® Fitness System brings your workout home where you can pursue aquatic wellness in your own space at your own pace. No crowds, no traffic, no wasted time, and all the bliss of a day at the pool, steps away from your door.

Fitness Has Never Been This Versatile

Our swim machine current or pulsating twin jets create the perfect environment for a wide variety of water-based exercises including swimming, aerobics, rowing and water walking with accessory options and standard anchors for an enhanced experience. The seamless transition from low-impact water workouts to rejuvenating relaxation, adds value and versatility to your home wellness system.

Therapeutic Relief for Aches and Pain

Experience therapeutic relief for everyday or chronic aches and pains through low-impact activities in a warm aquatic environment. Complete body workouts simultaneously tone and strengthen all major muscle groups through natural resistance to deliver better results in less time and with less impact on muscles and joints than walking or cycling.

Quality Time Together

Perhaps best of all, the whole family can keep fit and stay connected together in an Endless Pools® Fitness System. No phones, no tablets, no television, just conversation with those you care about most.

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