Fitness Systems Designs by Endless Pools®

We believe that the Endless Pools® Fitness Systems experience should be nothing short of superior. The thoughtful and contemporary design of the acrylic shell, all-season cabinet with innovative T-Spacers and LED Illumination are each examples of our commitment to this high standard.

Shell Design

The shell design is revolutionary in the way its advanced look and feel will provide you with a fitness system that you can be proud to own and have as the centerpiece of your backyard. The bar top completes the beautiful and modern style, which flows gracefully from the spa seats to the swim current generator. Upon first glance, it’s immediately clear that the collaboration between our designers and engineers has resulted in a shell that stands above in both form and function. The shell is available in Alpine White or Ice Gray.


Swim Lane Marker & Teal Accents

Not simply an element of design, the teal accents serve a functional purpose, to guide you as you swim and help to keep you centered in the swim lane. To complement this style element, we’ve added teal accents on the bar top and around each jet.


Hydromassage Spa Seating

Following your workout, there is nothing like a “cool-down” in the comfort of spa seating where hydromassage jets soothe your muscles. Perfectly positioned in two captain’s chairs with pillows, plus a third middle seat, four jet types are combined in three configurations to deliver an ideal post-workout relaxation experience.

  • Mini Jet – A small and focused stream of water targeting specific areas of your upper back
  • Directional Jet – Similar to the mini, the directional is focused but with a larger stream of water
  • Rotary Jet – Same level of water pressure as the directional, but the jet moves to create a circular massage pattern to reach a larger area of the back.
  • Cluster Jet – A unique pulsating massage targeting your lower back


All-Season Cabinet with Innovative T-Spacers

The Endless Pools® Fitness Systems maintenance-free cabinet was specifically designed for durability and beauty, with a rich finish that creates a feeling of depth while delivering simple maintenance. The panels are available in two distinctive colors – Dark Mocha or Gray Oak – and are attached to the frame by innovative T-Spacers that hide hardware and help tie together the complete look.


LED Illumination

The stunning lighting of Endless Pools Fitness Systems delivers maximum design impact. The blue LED Perimeter Illumination Bar provides visual appeal at night, while a 5” main interior light and multi-color LED points of light provide ample brilliance and beauty. The water feature is also backlit for added elegance.


Strength and Quality, By Design

All Endless Pools Fitness Systems are built on an extremely durable, 14-gauge galvanized steel frame and ABS base pan. While many see this as an area to cut costs, Endless Pools went a cut above the rest by making this a standard feature on all products. The structural elements of the steel frame and ABS base pan provide the ultimate strength to deliver confidence in ownership for years to come.

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