Category: Endless Pools [email protected] Water Exercise Videos – Week 1

Endless Pools [email protected]: A New Aquatic Workout Series You Want to Know About

Achieve Great Results with Endless Pools New Video Series We’re excited to introduce our new series of water exercise videos, [email protected]™! Each video features renowned fitness coach Alex Isaly guiding you through an easy-to-follow exercise that uses the Endless Pools swim current for a low-impact yet highly effective workout. You…

[email protected] Water Exercise #1: Bicep Curls + Tricep Extensions

Bicep Curls + Tricep Extensions This upper-body workout guides you through the steps of a classic bicep curl and tricep extension using clutch paddles and the resistance of the swim current.   Special Equipment: Hand paddles   Level: Beginner to Intermediate   Reps: 30 seconds active, 15-second recovery for 3-4…


[email protected] Water Exercise #2: Flutter + Scissor Kicks

Flutter Kicks + Scissor Kicks This exercise works all areas of your core with just your body weight. In this video, you’ll learn how to do flutter and scissor kicks against the resistance of the swim current. Special Equipment: None Level: Intermediate to Advanced Reps: Alternate sets of flutter kicks…

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