Thanks for the swimmingly awesome memories, Ryan Lochte

Last night on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother we said goodbye to our favorite houseguest, Ryan Lochte.  He might be out of the house, but he’s forever a winner in our books, thanks to his amazing form in the Endless Pools Fitness Systems E550!  During his short time in the Big…

Ryan Lochte gives Tom Green swim tips in the Endless Pools during Celeb Big Brother

When Ryan Lochte isn’t focused on training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the Endless Pools Fitness Systems E550, he’s having a little fun and giving swimming tips to fellow celeb Tom Green on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother. We’ve got the outtakes here:

Ryan Lochte’s secret weapon for training during Celebrity Big Brother is an Endless Pools!

Don’t miss Celebrity Big Brother tonight 8/7c on CBS. Olympian @RyanSLochte is keeping up with his #Tokyo2020 training thanks to his secret weapon, an Endless Pools Fitness Systems E550.  We’ve got a sneak peek of tonight’s show here!

How Does the Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill Work?

The Endless Pools Underwater Treadmill is unique – so HOW does it work? One of the questions we get most often is about the hydraulically-powered underwater treadmill. It’s unique to Endless Pools and a great way to get in shape without putting heavy impact or pressure on muscles and joints….

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems versus Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas™ by Master Spas

Before you buy, compare these two leading Swim Spa brands. Like any other significant investment, your new Fitness System (a.k.a. Swim Spa) deserves careful consideration. Before making a purchase, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most of your investment. You need the right swim spa to fit your…

Swim, Run, Exercise and Relax in an Endless Pools Fitness System

The Most Versatile for Aquatic Fitness More than 30 years ago, Endless Pools began as a way to make swimming in place, at home, a reality. Since then, Water exercise has gained momentum thanks to all of the low-impact benefits and tendencies of water. Water’s buoyancy and natural resistance make…

[email protected] Water Exercise #21: Torso Rotations

Torso Rotations This video demonstrates how torso rotations focus on your core, using resistance bands and the resistance of the swim current. Special Equipment: Resistance Bands Level: Moderate to Advanced Reps: 30 seconds active, 15 seconds recovery for 3-4 rounds   This is a core focused exercise called Torso Rotations….

[email protected] Water Exercise #20: Seated Leg Extension

Seated Leg Extension The seated leg extension works both your lower body and your core in one movement. You’ll learn how to do this by sitting in the back of your fitness system while extending your legs against the resistance of the swim current with a pull buoy between your…

[email protected] Water Exercise #19: Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps Squat jumps are one of the best lower body exercises you can do. They work your thighs, glutes and hips while giving you a good cardiovascular challenge. This video shows you how to properly set-up and execute this high-impact exercise. Special Equipment: None Level: Beginner to Advanced Reps:…

[email protected] Water Exercise #18: Chest Press

Chest Press Follow along as we demonstrate the proper set-up and execution of a chest press. When done correctly, the chest press will help you build your chest muscles with less strain. Special Equipment: Resistance Bands Level: Beginner to Advanced   This is an upper body exercise that focuses on…

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